Monday, September 20, 2010

Evening in Park City - Avett Brothers & Deer Valley Amphitheater

the Avett Brothers

A couple Friday nights ago, Kyle, Grace, Laura, and I packed up the coolers and headed east to Park City, where the Avett Brothers performed live at the Deer Valley Amphitheater.  The setting was insane.  Along the bottom of greened over ski slopes, clear blue skies, crisp fall air, and warmth of the setting sun, we were charmed by this talented indie folk band from North Carolina.  Kyle introduced me to the Avett Brothers last year and I quickly agreed they were both lyrically and melodically legit.  But watching the Avett Brothers preform live was something different.  They delighted and beckoned us with their pure talent and exhilarating energy.  It’s only when in their presence that you can get what they are all about. I fell a little bit in love with them that evening....  Here are some photos and a short, fun video from the concert.

As far as food goes, my advice would be to pack your picnic baskets and coolers before you go.  The Deer Valley Amphitheater has no restrictions on what you can bring.  I heard from some friends who sat in front of a lady who brought a portable blender to another show there.  Blended margaritas for her and her friends.  Awesome.

the Amphitheater 


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