Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nightshade Free

Last week at the doctor, I came up positive for allergies to nightshade plants. Nightshades commonly consumed in the US include all peppers and their spices, tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes (excluding sweet), gooseberries, gogi berries, and tobacco.  All nightshades are characterized by their alkaloid molecules.  As far as humans are concerned, these alkaloids have been found to be either desirable, toxic, or both, depending on how they are used and who is using them.  For people who are allergic to nightshades, the symptoms can include inflammation, acidic ph, digestive problems, lowered immunity, and pain.  I've personally had a chronic respiratory issue for the last year +, so it made sense to try out my doctor's recommendation of eliminating nightshades from my diet for the next 2-4 months and then re-evaluating.
I was a bit overwhelmed and anxious when I came home from the doctor that day.  We were leaving for Portland the following morning, so I felt the pressure of figuring this out quickly, around others, and in restaurants.

The first night in we met up with our friends Jake and Rose at Swagat downtown.  There were a couple choices that looked nightshade free, so I chose the vegetable biriyani.  Half way through my stomach was churning and I realized that it had been cooked with jalepenos.  But what was great was I felt this awesome sense of peace and relief in it.  I was human and could only do my best with this new diet, which is not perfect but totally enough.

I've had many different health issues most of my life which have often left me frustrated, stressed, or scared.  I've prayed for healing, which I've often received, yet it has rarely been quick and always seemed incomplete.  Health concerns seem to be lurking around every new corner, so the struggle is never that far from my mind.

Last week when I came home from the doctor, Kyle and I began praying for something different.  We are still praying for healing of my chronic respiratory issue, but even more than that, we are praying that God would teach me what he wants me to learn in the midst of my physical struggles. Kyle, my friends, and our community are in this with me.  I never could have prayed this way honestly before, because in the past my fear drove me to focus mostly on the healing.  So I'm thankful for this new way.  It is from God and is he is good.  I can only do this because I trust that God is who he says he is.  Kind, loving, trustworthy, and totally in control.  And I'm also who he says I am. Unconditionally loved and lovable in the midst of all my humanness. 

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  1. Chronic illness makes us look at the world differently, and makes us lean on God even more. Our uncertainty makes us rely on him more. Prayers for you, love, Carol


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