Monday, July 26, 2010

Mercury Cafe in Denver, CO

Last week we drove through the windy plains of Wyoming to Denver, Colorado.  It was our first trip to the other mountain town, about 8 hours away from SLC, where Kyle was speaking at a youth camp on CCU.  One afternoon we headed out of the suburbs for dinner, into downtown Denver to Mercury Cafe.  We arrived at the artistically adorned brick building, surrounded by trees and wild flowers outside.  A girl in front of us hung her bike on the ceiling hooks they had up just inside the front door.  Deep red hues surrounded us and cool string lights hung over the tables and the cool green booth we chose.  The vive was very eclectic and super unique.  The restaurant had been highly rated online and their food touts being both organic and fair trade, so we thought we were in for a treat.  The menu was interesting and a bit odd with items ranging from a cobb salad, to enchiladas, to pasta, to elk nachos.  I ordered grilled tempeh with black bean sauce, red chard, and quinoa.  They brought us out a little half loaf of dark bread to begin with, which was so dry I only took a small bite.  The dinner salads were fine with a nice tasting vinaigrette.  Our entrees arrived and with each bite I realized that everything on my plate tasted like it had been flavored with only water.  Kyle ordered an omnivore dish and had the same experience as me, which was strange because his dish actually had lots of garlic and herbs in it.  We both finished our bland and flavor-lacking meals and got ready to go.  On our way outside the doors, we found their sidewalks had been covered in red rose petals.  Mercury Cafe was definitely creative and cute in design, but left much to be desired in their eats.

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