Tuesday, July 13, 2010


We woke up early Saturday morning, stopped by Ruth's Diner for breakfast on the patio, headed to Mt. Olympus to hike the south trail to the top, and after making it down fully alive but completely out of water, we continued our 9th Anniversary celebration that night with a delicious meal at Pago on 9th and 9th.   We had been told over the phone that although their main menu is lacking in vegan options, they were more than willing and even excited to create a special dish for me.  When we arrived, our waiter David was extremely thoughtful and helpful in helping me choose a vegan appetizer and entree, which would consist of the freshest seasonal items their chef was working with that day.  Kyle and I have wanted to check out Pago since before we moved to SLC in January.  Coming from Portland, OR and experiencing some of the finest local foods there, we love the value of being connected to our food, knowing where it comes from, how it was grown, and who is growing it.  It tastes so much better that way and is positive for our community.  Seeing values like the one below, taken from Pago's website, makes me smile.

  Farm to Table:  Pago is committed to seeking quality products from local farms and local artisans. We feel that the closer we are to the farm, the fresher the food. Getting to know the people who produce the food we eat enriches the local economy and creates meaningful relationships.

Vegan Platter at Pago

Market Salad (veganized) - Local greens, thinly sliced radish, cherry tomatoes, roasted beets, and a delicious housemade vinaigrette - my personal favorite.
Vegan Platter - Roasted petite potatoes (fave), caramelized cauliflower and pea medley, white bean and celery succotash (fave), and a tomato and Bing cherry salad, garnished w/ edible purple flowers.  All the little dishes were so flavorful and unique, and I really appreciated how they included a protein and a starch amongst them which was super satisfying.  I have had many "special" veggie platters in my day, but they have often left me hungry and unsatisfied, unlike this dish at Pago.  I also love creativity with my food, so I enjoy the idea that this platter will change from night to night depending on the season and what the chef's pleasure is that evening.
Wine - We took advantage of Pago's corkage fee, and brought in a bottle of Bergstrom 2007 Nysa Vineyard Pinot Noir, picked up on our last visit to Portland.  Bergstrom wine is a major favorite, and has helped us celebrate some big moments in our life this last year.  Check out their sweet winery if you're ever in Portland.

Dessert - Our server was in route to find out what fresh seasonal fruit they had to create a special dessert for me, but we stopped him because Kyle had already surprised me with box of treats from Cakewalk Bakery waiting for us at home.  

Old world charm, exposed brick walls, open kitchen, and a urban flair with indoor and patio seating.  We sat by the window inside and enjoyed watching the many neighborhood dogs walk their humans by.

From the first phone call, to the hostess, to our outstanding server David, to the chef and cooks - everyone provided us with a delightful experience.

Pago (along with many others) is a Bicycle Benefits Member and you can receive 10% off of food and beverage if you pickup your sticker and wear in your helmet when you bike to Pago.

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